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Winchester School of Art Library: Photo tour

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Image of the West Side Building.

This tour will introduce you to our site and collections.

Winchester School of Art Library is located on the first floor of the West Side Building.

Image of the West Side Building.

This is the front view of the West Side Building.

Information about accessing our libraries can be found here:

Image of the entrance to the West Side Building.

This is the entrance to the West Side Building. Go through the main door and turn right.

You will see the main staircase of the West Side Building. To reach the Library, you will need to go up these stairs, or use the lift located behind this staircase.

The Library is located at the top of the staircase next to the lift.

There are QR codes on the noticeboard outside the Library for track and trace. The noticeboard also contains helpful current information such as opening hours and news about any exhibitions or events.

As you enter the Library, you will see our Welcome Desk the self issue machine and our book returns trolley.

If you forget to bring a face covering with you, you will find a box of masks on a table just inside the Library entrance.

There are some comfortable sofas and armchairs around the library to sit on. 

Image of our Welcome Desk. Our Senior Library Assistant Harriet is standing behind the desk, wearing a mask.

As you walk down the main corridor of the Library, you will come up to our Welcome Desk.

We have installed safety screens around our Welcome Desk. Please ensure you maintain physical distancing if you need to speak to staff at the Desk.

On the safety screen, you will see a QR code for 'Test and Trace'. You can find out more about 'Test and Trace' here:

If you carry on walking past the Welcome Desk, you will come to our 'holds shelf'.

Books requested through WebCat ('click and collect') will be left on the 'holds shelf'. The books on this shelf have not been issued - you will need to issue them using the self-service machine. 

We will email you when your books are ready to collect.

Image of our self-service machine. Next to the machine is a low table on which is placed a tub of antibacterial surface wipes.

Our self-service machine is next to the 'holds shelf'. If you have selected books to borrow, please issue them using this machine. You will need to have your student / staff card with you.

If you have any problems using the machine, please ask a member of staff to help you.

Next to the machine is a box of antibacterial surface wipes. Please use these before and after using the touch-screen, and place used wipes in the bin provided.

To find Library 1, turn back the way you have come and walk towards the Welcome Desk.

The entrance to Library 1 is to the right of our Welcome Desk.

Please wear a face mask unless you have a medical reason not to.

In Library 1, you will find our academic skills section (just to the right of the entrance), desktop PCs, study space, MFD, our 'new journals / magazines' display, back issues of journals and magazines, and books with classmarks 000 - 709.2.

Our PCs are located to the left of the entrance to Library 1 along with an A3 scanner.

There are surface wipes and bins inside the entrances to both Libraries. When using our study spaces and /or desktop PCs, please wipe down the areas you use before and after use.

A3 flatbed scanner

PCs, WebCats and paper trimmer.

There is an MFD (for printing, photocopying and scanning) located on the left-hand side as you enter Library 1.

Image of our display of new books and journals.

Our display of new journals and magazines is located on the left-hand wall of Library 1, near the windows.

If you turn right at the new journals and magazines display, you will see windows, soft seating and bookshelves. Walk to the end of these shelves to find books with the classmark 000. This is the start of our book shelving.

You will see study desks in the centre of Library 1.

We have installed protective safety screens in all our study areas.

Library 1 shelves.



Library 2 as seen through Library 1's fire exit.

To find Library 2, return to the main Library corridor and walk to the far end. In front of you, you will see one of our staff offices. Turn left to enter Library 2.

In Library 2, you will find study space, books with classmarks 709.22 - 999, our Knitting Reference Library, our collection of Visionaire and our Artists' Books Collection.

In the centre of Library 2, you will find more study space. These study spaces also have protective screens.

Library 2 study desks.


If you walk to the far end of Library 2, you will see books and resources from our Knitting Reference Library. You will also see a fire escape.

You can find out our Knitting Reference Library here:

If you turn right and walk through the bookshelves to the other end of the Library, you will find our Artists' Books collection.

This is our Artists' Books collection. If you wish to view any of our artists' books (or any other items from our special collections), please book a study slot and email us before your visit with a list of books / items you would like to view.

Our email address is

More information about our special collections can be found here:

The library's collection of Visionaires are kept near the study desks in Library 2.

To leave the Library, return to the main corridor.

Walk back past the Welcome Desk and use the main doorway to exit the Library.