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Subject Databases Introduction: E. Tutorial: Compendex database

Tutorials on Search Strategies, the Web of Science, Compendex and IEEE Xplore. Includes worksheets, quizzes and videos.

Compendex Database Tutorial

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  • First go to the Readings Compendex Quick Search Tips
  • Watch the Tutorial (PowerPoint) Introduction to the Compendex Database  This PowerPoint tutorial has videos about the Compendex database. A security message box may appear so be sure to check the box that has the option of enabling external content for the session. You will need it for viewing the videos in the tutorial. Please note that there may be a slight delay in playing the videos. This tutorial will take about 15 minutes to complete
  • Complete the Compendex Quiz
                       Compendex Quiz  (A short quiz on the Compendex database)
                      Alternative Format for Quiz in MS Forms


                       Transcript  (Transcript of the Quiz)
  • Provide feedback in the Feedback tab.
  • Click on the Link to Compendex Database and use the strategy you developed with the Building Your Search Strategy document.



Practice what you have learned in this tutorial and apply the search strategy you have produced to your search in the database.