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Bibliometrics - Assessing Research: Researcher IDs

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Researcher IDs

What are Researcher IDs and why should I use them?

Researcher IDs are unique identifiers which help to differentiate between researchers with the same or similar names. Once created, a personal identifier remains with you as you move between institutions and even if you change your name, ensuring that all your research activities are authoritatively linked to the right person. To do this, create a profile and keep your details (current post / institution, etc) and email address up-to-date to track your publications.

There are different types of Researcher IDs - platform neutral & platform specific:


An ORCID is a unique researcher identifier, used worldwide, that you keep throughout your life and retain even if you move institution or change name.

You can register for an ORCID or connect your existing ORCID with the university by using Pure. See the guide on ORCIDs at Southampton for more details.

The ORCID website also provides more information on building your ORCID record & importing existing publications. You can also link your ORCID to other identifiers, for example Scopus Author IDs.


Google Scholar

To be eligible for inclusion in Google Scholar search results, you need to have a Google Scholar profile which is public and needs to have a verified email address at your university. Your Scholar profile links to a Google account so you must sign in or create one first. 

Google provide useful guidance on setting up your Scholar profile and adding articles.


Scopus profiles are automatically created when two or more articles are linked to one profile. You can use the Scopus Author Feedback Wizard to review and manage your Scopus profile.

Web of Science 

You can use Web of Science to track your publications, citation metrics, peer reviews and journal editing work in a single profile. You can also link your account to your ORCID account.

If you already have a ResearcherID or an account with Publons, EndNote or Web of Science, you can log in with your credentials for that service to start using Web of Science  

  • Go to Web of Science
  • Click Log In 
  • Enter your existing Web of Science, EndNote, Publons or ResearchID email and password.

If you haven't used these services, you will need to register & set up your Publons profile: 

  • Go to Web of Science
  • Click Register
  • Enter your email address, create a password and fill out your first and last name information.

You can add your papers to your account from your private dashboard;useful guidance.

Once you have added publications, a Metrics tab will be accessible on your profile showing your impact over time, publication metrics and review metrics. 

Web of Science will automatically assign a Web of Science ResearcherID to any profile with a Web of Science Core Collection-indexed publications that do not yet have a ResearcherID. 

For help setting up your profile, please contact us.