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Hartley Library: Photo tour

Virtual Tour Hartley

This tour will introduce to our site, collections, and pandemic safety measures

The Hartley Library is the main library for the sciences, engineering, law, humanities, and social sciences. It is located in the middle of Highfield campus. The Hartley Library is also where the University archives and special collections are held.

Side entrance to Hartley

We have set up a new entrace to make a one-way system possible throughout the library.  Please follow the arrows.

Information about accessing our libraries can be found here:


The temporary entrance is just around the corner from the main doors

Have you booked?

Before coming into the library, you will need to make a booking for either a study space or a browsing session. This can be done on our booking page

If you are returning books or using the click and collect service you do not need to make a booking. 

Image of a blue sign instructing Library visitors to maintain physical distancing.

Visitng advice

In order to practise physical distancing within the Library, we are operating a one-way system. There are blue signs on the floor with arrows, showing you which direction to use.

Visiting advice

Sanitising points can be found throughout the library, please use them when you come in

Image of a blue physical distancing floor sign.

Visiting advice

Throughout the Library, you will see arrow signs to indicate our one-way system. We also have signs to remind our visitors to maintain physical distancing throughout the Library.

Side entrance welcome desk

Staff at the entrance will check your booking and help guide you to the relevant section of the library.

Towards the main foyer

After the entrance you will be directed down the corridor towards the foyer of the library 

Library help desk

In our main foyer area you will find the Library help point. 

Laptops for loan

We have our main laptop locker where laptops can be borrowed for up to one week. Laptop bags and chargers can be borrowed from the library help desk.  

IT Help

There is an IT help desk in the foyer that is open between 09.00 and 17.00 on weekdays

Library cafe

The library has a café

Self-service machines

Self-service machines can be found in the foyer and on level one (downstairs). Just scan your student card, place the items you would like to borrow on the pad, and they will be issued to you.

If you have any difficulties using the self-service machines, there are always staff members around who can help you.
Before and after using the self-service machines, please use the wipes and sanitising gel, and place the used wipes in the bins nearby.

Returning books

If you are returning books, or you have handled books but do not want to borrow them, please place them in the red-topped bins.

Food and drink

There are also vending machines next to the library cafe. 

Laptops for loan

There is an additional lapsafe on level four, also with a cleaning station. Bags and chargers for the laptops can be borrowed from the help desk in the foyer.

Printing and scanning

Printers/copiers can be found on most floors with guidelines to help you use them safely.


One way signage throughout the library

Please use the one-way system to move around the library.
The main staircase is the one to use to go upstairs.

Shelving areas

These are some of the shelving areas on level three

Study space

Desks throughout the library have been arranged to take account of social distancing guidelines. Please only sit in those spaces where there is a green tick.

Study space

There are also different kinds of study spaces throughout the library.

Study space

There are some desks with screens that you can plug your laptop into to give you a double screen. These can be found on levels one and four.

Bookable computer desks

Desks with computers can also be booked.

Spiral staircase

And finally!  We have a spiral staircase which connects the history collection on level four with the philosophy collection on level five, and is one of our most attractive features.