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Law: Maritime and Commercial Law

This guide is a list of sources for legal research.

Main sources for maritime and commercial law

Introduction to Maritime and Commercial Law Sources

The Hartley Library holds legislation, law reports, books and journals to support undergraduate and postgraduate courses in maritime and commercial law. Use Library Search to check for the location and availability of individual titles, but please note that at least one copy of the current edition of the most expensive books is likely to be in the Course Collection.

Online resources are increasingly important and we subscribe to general services, including Westlaw, LexisLibrary and Justis, and to others which are more focussed on maritime and commercial law, e.g. i-law and BIMCO.

We have access to over 1,000 law journals online and are also able to offer e-access to a number of relevant books.

The two big general law databases, Westlaw and LexisLibrary, both contain a wealth of case law and legislation from the UK, but each has its own particular strengths and publications. Both also include non-UK materials, a number of which will be of interest but they can be hard to find, so please ask if you cannot find what you need.

A special note regarding

This specialist resource from Informa covers commercial and maritime law subjects.  It contains law reports series which are not available via other services, including Lloyd's Law Reports, Lloyd's Law Reports: Professional Negligence and Lloyd's Law Reports: Insurance and Reinsurance.

Our i-Law package also includes some books and journals from Informa. 

As each user logs in with their own e-mail address this allows for additional services.  Everybody can set up their own search and publication alerts, save items to their personal folders within and see their Research Trail.

As with all our subscriptions we have signed a legal agreement, which as members of the University you must comply with.  Please read and comply with the terms (below) as this is very important, both for you as individuals and for all of your fellow students and researchers.

Some great free sources

Whilst we usually recommend that you start with our subscription services, there are some useful free sources, particularly from international bodies (for treaties etc.) and from courts and legislative bodies of countries not covered by the subscription services.

Maritime and Commercial Law e-books

The library provides access to over 50,000 e-books and we are committed to increasing this.  Highlights for those studying commercial and maritime law include the i-Law books (Coghlin on Time Charters, Rainey on The Law of Tug and Tow etc.), some on Westlaw (Arnould on Marine Insurance, Redfern & Hunter on International Commercial Arbitration and four important practitioner texts on intellectual property).  Oxford Scholarship Online includes a selection of Company, Commercial, Competition, Intellectual Property and International Law titles from Oxford University Press.