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Law: Topics/Jurisdictions

This guide is a list of sources for legal research.

For more information...

...on specific jurisdictions or subjects, choose from the tabs above or the links below.  Contact the Law Librarian if you'd like to see other subjects included.

Finding Case Law from jurisdictions outside the UK

The library holds some printed law reports from non-UK jurisdictions, (see Rough Guide below), but our law online databases cover much more.

There are separate guides for International, European, Canadian, Commonwealth and United States law but see below for some general information on finding law reports from other jurisdictions .

Both Westlaw and Lexis+ contain a wealth of reports from around the English-speaking world, including Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, India and South Africa .  Please note - these reports are not immediately accessible from the home pages. 

  • To access on Lexis+ use the 'International' tab
  • To access on Westlaw, use the 'Westlaw International' or 'Westlaw US' links under 'More resources'
  • To access on vLex Justis, use the 'Browse' tab and click 'All jurisdictions'
  • WorldLII This resource is freely available is a useful way of finding quality-assessed free sites for law materials from around the world. There are lists by country and by themes.