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Loans and borrowing: Closed Collections

The Loans service remains a primary Library service, with over a million items you can borrow.

Closed Collections

Library closed collections include:

Rare books

Books with call number prefix Rare Books on Library Search and x or xq in the card catalogue are kept in the Special Collections Division on level 4 and must be used in the Archives Search Room. The Search Room is open between 9.30 and 17.00 Monday - Friday (Wednesday 10:00-17:00).

To request a Rare Book, complete a Closed Collection card and take it to the Special Collections Reception Office. Books cannot be produced between 12:45 and 13:45 or after 16:45 but an appointment can be made if the material is not available immediately.

Stack books and University of Southampton theses

Older books which are not in day to day demand, and copies of University of Southampton PhD theses are stored in the Library stacks and are fetched by members of staff for readers to borrow or to use within the Library.

A book will be in the stack if there is a call number prefix stack on Library Search or a prefix s in the card catalogue.

All theses are Reference Only and will be kept at the Hartley Level 2 Desk for use in the Library.

Store items

Some journal stock is now stored off-campus in a store. Most is now available via our e-journals service.

There may be rare occasions when the e-journal version is not acceptable. If so, we can arrange for our original to be supplied from Store.

Some older stock is also held in our store. We can also arrange for these to be supplied on request.

Delivery time is two working days.

Requesting Items

You can request a stack book or thesis via Library Search.

  • Login to with your ID & password
  • Select: Requests & Document Supply
  • Select Request something from our collections
  • Enter the details of the book required
  • Submit your request

Collections are made early morning Monday to Friday.


Any articles / extracts supplied will require a copyright declaration as part of your request and must be the person requesting the articles / extracts.