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Loans and borrowing: Laptops

The Loans service remains a primary Library service, with over a million items you can borrow.

Laptops are available for University of Southampton students from self-service lockers at Hartley Library and the Health Services Library

Borrowing a laptop

  • We have made our Library laptop loans more flexible. You can borrow a laptop for use in the library, around campus or at home for up to one week.  
  • To borrow a laptop you will need your student ID card.
  • Chargers and bags are issued at the help desk.
  • Your laptop, bag and charger are not renewable - you will need to return these at the end of 7 days.
  • If you have a blocked account you will be unable to borrow a laptop. Please see the help desk for advice. 
  • By borrowing a laptop you are agreeing to the user declaration
  • Accessible reach laptops are available at both Hartley and the Health Services Library.

Using the laptop off campus

  • Before you take the laptop off campus, follow this step to enable you to use the laptop at home: login with your university username and password whilst connecting to Soton wifi on campus. 
  • Need advice on how to access the University remotely?  IT Help have a page called Away from campus to help you get started.

Returning a laptop

  • Please return your laptop to the same library you borrowed it from.   
  • Laptop loans cannot be renewed. If there is availability, you will be able to take out a different laptop for a further week. 
  • When returning the laptop to its locker, remember to plug the laptop into the cable in the locker to remove the loan from your account.
  • Return your laptop bag and charger to the help desk.

Keeping you safe

  • We have a cleaning station next to the laptop lockers with sanitiser and wipes for you to use.     

If you have a problem

  • When you borrow the laptop and are still on campus you can visit the IT Service Help desk at Hartley Library 09:00-17:00.
  • Contact IT Help to report an issue with the laptop if you are at home.  
  • If you have an issue with returning your laptop contact .

Laptop top tips

  • Remember to save your work regularly either to ‘file store’ or to a personal storage device (USB).  Work saved locally will be deleted when the laptop reboots.
  • If you would like support in borrowing or using a laptop, please ask at the Library Help Desk. 

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Laptop availability

You can check the availability of laptops in the self-service lockers here 

Hartley Level 2 available laptops

Hartley Level 4 available laptops

HSL available laptops