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National Oceanographic Library: About us

Guide to the National Oceanographic Library

About Us

The National Oceanographic Library is a national resource for the UK marine and earth science community. The National Oceanographic Library supports staff and students at the NOC, Ocean and Earth Science at the University of Southampton, the University of Southampton as a whole and the Natural Environment Council research libraries. The library is also open by appointment to the public.

Specific information for the National Oceanographic Library

Critical site specific information for the National Oceanographic Library

Please help us to keep the National Oceanographic Library a pleasant place for everyone to work:

  • Please switch your phone to silent.
  • You can bring a drink into the Library (preferably in a covered cup/bottle)… but no eating in the Library
  • Smoking or the use of e-cigarettes is not allowed anywhere in the building


Security control is based in the North wing on level 4 of the National Oceanography Centre. Guards are contactable on the internal extension number 26999. Security is operational 24hrs a day 365 days a year.

First aid

The Security Guards at the National Oceanography Centre are trained first aiders. They can be contacted on the internal extension number 26999. Security control must be contacted if the emergency services have been called so that they can direct the ambulance or other service to the scene of the incident quickly and efficiently.

Lost property

Any lost property items found by staff in the Library are taken to the Security control room.

Health & Safety

The National Oceanographic Library is a public space within the building and follows the National Oceanography Centre Health and Safety Policy.

Assistive Technology Service

There are two Assistive Technology Service workstations on level 4 of the Library which have a range of specialist software installed for users registered with Student Disability and Wellbeing.

Bookable meeting and group study rooms are available on level 5 of the Library. 

All bookable meeting room appointments in the building (including those in the library) are handled centrally by the National Oceanography Centre's Estates and Reception team.

Advance bookings

To book a room in advance email 

Alternatively, talk in person with the staff at the NOCS building reception desk (in the level 1 entrance foyer of the building). 

Immediate on the day bookings

You can use one of the touch screens located by each room to check if a room is free for immediate use and to book an available meeting room to use for the next hour on that day.

These rooms are available to NOC staff, OES staff and OES students. External users should contact the NOCS event team

Room seats Equipment
Red 125/02 Boardroom style 20 seats
Purple 125/04 Boardroom style 12 seats
Yellow 125/06 Boardroom style 12 seats
  • Large Screen 
Blue 125/08 Boardroom style 12 seats
  • Large Screen 

The Green room 125/10 is available to use without a booking

Causal bean bags
  • Large Screen 
  • Water fountain

Guides explaining how to operate the equipment in each meeting room is available in the leaflet holder on the wall by the screen.

Desktop computers

The Library houses a number of computers on levels 2 and 4 which are provided by iSolutions for University of Southampton student and staff use. You may login and use these machines, using your University of Southampton username and password. A range of software are installed on all these computers, including Microsoft Office and some statistics and graphics applications.

If the desktop computers in the library are all occupied other iSolutions University Workstations are available these rooms at the National Oceanography Centre:-

  • 121/01
  • 234/15



IT Support

OES/NOCS PhD students should contact the NOCS ITG Help Desk for assistance.

University of Southampton Undergraduate, Taught Post Graduate students and users of the Assistive Technology Service workstations should contact iSolutions for assistance.

Phone charger

We have two loanable phone chargers kits available on request from the Library HelpDesk.

Printing, photocopy, scanning

The Library houses 2 Samsung multifunctional machines which are provided by iSolutions for University of Southampton staff and student use. You can log in using your University of Southampton username and password. The machines can print, copy and scan. Further advice on using the machines is provided by iSolutions

Desktop scanners

In addition there are 2 desktop A3 format scanners available with the desktop computers on level 2 of the Library. You can log in using your University of Southampton username and password.

Water fountain

There is a cold water fountain in the Green Room on level 5 of the library.

There are three wireless networks available for use when you are working in the Library.

Eduroam - is available to all staff and Students of the University of Southampton (UoS) and more information on using Eduroam is available. It also provides internet access to members of other academic institutions participating in the service. Visitors should connect using the credentials from their home institution.

NOCVisitor - is for all visitors to NOCS not able to access eduroam and for all NOC staff personal devices. The network key is avalable from the IT Helpdesk - 234/03. Visitors can self-register for a temporary Guest account lasting one day.

NOCStaff - is available for NOC staff only (except for personal devices when the NOCVisitor should be used).