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Research Services: Pure & Research Output FAQs

Other Pure FAQs

Pure & Research Outputs FAQs

1. Why isn’t my publication on my webpage?

It may be easier to answer this by explaining what happens after you upload your publication in Pure.

  • A researcher/administrator uploads information about a research output into Pure and saves the record ‘for validation’
  • The editorial team in the Library will check the record, correct any mistakes and add in additional details if necessary and validate the record.
  • Once the record has been validated, a script runs overnight to pick it up and pass the record through to ePrints and the publication tab on the University web profile pages. The publication pages refresh over a 24 hour period. The publication should then appear on your web page.

Some key issues to check:

  • If the record is Pure is still ‘for validation’ it will not pass through to ePrints and the web pages.
  • If the record in Pure has Campus, Backend or Confidential visibility it will not pass through to ePrints and the web pages.
  • The publication is linked to the wrong person (see claiming below)
    • The wrong internal person (probably with a similar name)
    • An external person
  • If someone is/has been both staff and a research postgraduate they could have two person records in Pure (only one of which will be linked to their profile page). See claiming below.
  • If someone has set their Person record in Pure to Campus, Backend or Confidential visibility this needs to be returned to Public.
  • If you or someone else makes a change to the record in Pure and saves it ‘for revalidation’, it may be removed from your publications list and ePrints Soton if it is not validated before the next overnight script runs.  The editorial team works normal office hours (Monday-Friday, 9-5) so if you edit records outside this time, they will not be validated until the next working day at the earliest.

If none of the above would explain why the publication is not showing, please email

2.    Someone else’s ePrints are showing on my profile / I am not added as an author to a record

Follow the claims/disclaims process (see ‘Claim / disclaim a Research output’ in chapter 7 of the Pure Manual).

3.    Problems with Research group / Project /etc. publication pages

These may have been based on 'Shelves' a functionality that  is no longer available since Pure went live. The guidance for replacement Pure functionality is available. (Note ECS/Physics/ORC webpages work in a different way - please contact iSolutions.)

4. There are duplicate records appearing on my profile page

This can happen if there are duplicate records in Pure – contact the ePrints team ( and ask them to merge the records.

5. How do I find the Pure UUID?

Each Pure record has two IDs – a short user-friendly id and a UUID that is machine friendly. 

The first is visible in the top left hand corner of a saved record.  This is a useful ID if you are communicating with the ePrints team.

The second is held in the system information tab on the Display screen.  On the left-hand side, locate and click on ‘Display’.  On the top right locate and click on ‘System info’.  You will find the UUID in the middle of the page.  The UUID is required for the creation of key publications and individual publication lists on profile pages in Site Publisher.

See the PDF guide below for how to find UUIDs for Projects and Organisational units.

1. How can I tell if a record has been validated in Pure?

At the bottom of record’s window is a grey bar which will display ‘Status’ as either ‘in progress’, ‘for validation’, for re-validation’ or ‘validated’.


2. I only seem to be able to search on my own content in Pure, but I want to find out if my co-author has loaded the paper already.

When you go to your research output the default is to display only those that you are associated with in some way.  To be able to search all content click on ‘My content’ and remove the filter

3. Can you update my eprints for me?

The ePrints team can add outputs for new members of staff (i.e. they joined within the last 6 months). They will also add accepted manuscripts to existing records. Some faculties offer admin support to update records (e.g. FBLA, FEE and FPSE).

4. Licences and versions – what licence to use and how different versions are defined

The ePrints team ( can advise on this.

5. How to add/can’t find funder information

Add a project relation to your publication/dataset etc. (this is towards the bottom of the edit screen). Most projects have been imported from Agresso – so metadata can be poor for older ones. Try searching by PI name, Grant Number or part of the title.

For unfunded projects you can create one yourself in Pure.

Contact for further details.

6. I need to remove publication from Pure and/or ePrints

The ePrints ( team will do this where appropriate.


1. How do I search for my publication/dataset in ePrints Soton?

The best way to search is to use the advanced search using title, or uuid.

If the record was added to Pure in the last week, they can also search under Latest Additions in ePrints (ask them to use CTRL+F to search for their record on the page).

If it’s an older record, you can look up the ePrint ID from Pure (look at the bottom of the record for IDs of type 'researchoutputwizard').

They may also be able to search using Google.

1. Can I be set up as a user (e.g. those working at the hospital)?

Contact the Pure team (

2. Where do I get an ORCID ID? / How do I add my ORCID ID to Pure

See Chapter 13 of the Pure Manual and the ORCiD LibGuide.

3. I can’t find my organisational unit in Pure

Organisational units in Pure are taken from the HR system. Adding additional units is possible with Associate Dean Research approval, and filling in a form to make the request.