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Information about theses at Southampton: thesis templates, guidance on e-theses, how to find theses

Author invitation

The University of Southampton is digitising all pre-2008 theses for preservation purposes. Digitised theses are not publicly available on ePrints Soton unless the author grants permission.

Evidence shows that alumni who allow their theses to be digitised and put into Southampton’s Institutional Repository, will see a dramatic improvement in their Google rankings. This visibility is good for your research and good for the University. Start by signing the supplementary release form and send it back to the University Library


All University of Southampton higher degree theses are submitted in both paper and electronic form.

As well as the information available on the website, the Library also runs training sessions where we go over the issues pertaining to e-theses and can answer queries and discuss issues with you. These sessions are organised through Gradbook.

  • Thesis templates
  • Dealing with copyright
  • Delaying the release of your thesis (embargoes)
  • Information for supervisors
  • Information for faculty staff

Publishing from your thesis

Some publishers may object to the thesis being so publicly available before they publish any articles or books based on research in the thesis while other publishers, for example Elsevier, have stated that they do not consider an e-thesis to be a prior-publication. However on balance we recommend that if you have not yet finished publishing from your thesis, the e-thesis is embargoed.

It is possible to add bibliographic information about the articles and books published from a thesis to the ePrints record. If you later want to add extra information to your thesis ePrints entry you should contact the ePrints team, email:

Contact Us

For open access and institutional repository enquiries

For research data management queries please email

Research Data

Students can deposit any associated research data in ePrints.  Supervisors and students will need to agree this and sign it off on the 'Permission to Deposit Form'.

See the Research Data Management pages and the Introduction to Research Data (2013) [pdf] for more information on the University's research data policies.

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