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Theses: Info. for Faculty Admin

Information about theses at Southampton: thesis templates, guidance on e-theses, how to find theses

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Following the examination

The following instructions are for thesis deposit during the Covid-19 pandemic and under the terms of the Extraordinary Quality Handbook.

Following a successful viva and any corrections, PhD students should submit the following to their Graduate admin office using Safesend:

At the time of submission, Graduate Offices should check that:

  1. the e-thesis PDF contains the following:
    • University thesis copyright statement (before main title page, exact wording)
    • Title page
    • Declaration of authorship (no signature)
    • Table of contents
    • Acknowledgements
    • Chapters
    • Bibliography
    • Appendices
  2. Permission to Deposit Thesis form has:
    • Embargo period & reason selected (if appropriate)
    • Third party copyright permissions attached (if appropriate)
    • Sponsor’s agreement attached (if appropriate)
    • Signed by student
    • Counter-signed by supervisor and Director of Graduate School

If any part is missing, contact the student immediately and ask them to rectify this.

If all parts are present upload the following to Pure as per thesis upload guidance:

  • e-Thesis file(s) - see below for redacted and full versions
  • Permission to Deposit form

N.B. you must be using the VPN to be able to log into Pure when off campus.

Redacted versions

Some students may wish to submit a second version of their thesis, for example if they need to redact some material for third party copyright. In those cases you should upload both versions and clearly mark which is the complete and which the redacted version using the Title field in the file upload window, e.g. ANSmith-2019-thesis-COMPLETE.pdf and ANSmith-2019-thesis-REDACTED.pdf. The complete version should have access set to closed and the redacted version to open.

Depositing etheses into ePrints

Once the student has submitted their ethesis, please upload the e-thesis and permission to deposit form into our Institutional Repository via Pure. Please see the guide below for more information. If you would like any more help with this, please contact eprints and they can offer you a training session.