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Theses: Training

Information about theses at Southampton: thesis templates, guidance on e-theses, how to find theses


Welcome to this training page. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are releasing some of the material that we would normally present in our face-to-face Gradbook session. 

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Submitting your Final Thesis

This presentation provides some additional information and guidance about the process of submitting your final thesis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Important note: Although you will not be submitting a softbound copy of your thesis, we do need you to complete the 'Permission to Deposit Thesis Form' as if you were.

Duration: 13 min

Final thesis submission

Restricting access to your theses

The University would encourage that wherever possible your thesis (PhD, MPhil) is made available immediately. This presentation covers the situations where you can restrict access to your thesis by applying an embargo. The embargo has to be agreed with your supervisor and approved by the Director your your Graduate School. In limited circumstances embargoes can be extended, but require the approval of the Director of the Doctoral College.

Duration: 21 min

theses and embargoes

Thesis and Copyright

This presentation looks at copyright and your thesis. It includes an introduction to what copyright is, to copyright exceptions that apply to theses and the copyright declarations and statements you are required to make when submitting your thesis.

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Duration:25 mins

theses and copyright

Third Party Copyright

This presentation goes through the steps of requesting permission to use third party copyright material in your work where you have found it in a journal article or a book. The examples given show a request to clear material to include in a thesis, but describes the process is you also need to clear copyright in material that you want to include in a paper or book.

Duration: 11 min

third party copyright how to get permission

I've submitted my final thesis - what happens next?

You can find out what happens to your final thesis after you have submitted it to the Graduate School, how it becomes a public document and is indexed in the British Library EThOS database and Proquests Dissertations and Theses Global Index.

Duration: 5 min

what happens to your theses