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Technical Information: Standards

Key collections including Patents, Standards, Science & Engineering Data, Conferences and Technical Reports.

Why Use Standards?

Standards are an agreed way of doing something - making a product, delivering a service, managing a process or delivering materials for example. This is a brief version based on BSI's definition.

We have databases of full text Standards you can use to help with your research.

Key Standards Collections

We have access to two key collections.

Other Standards

We hold a small number of foreign standards in print - these should be on the library catalogue. You can also request them via Inter-Library-Loans (if we don't hold them or have an older version).

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

  • We have a number of 'annual books' in Print etc. (the ASTM website will tell you which volume a specific standard is in).

International Standards (ISOs / IECs)

  • These are often in British Standards Online (if they are adopted as British Standards - which can take about a year).

Society of Automotive Engineers

  • See the SAE Handbook (TL 151 SAE on level 3 of the Hartley Library).

Support for Technical Information

If you have any queries about technical information, the resources mentioned or wish to make any comments about these pages, please contact us (

Useful Standards Links

Standards are an important and often unique source of useful information. Below are some useful links to help you understand standards information.

Why use standards?