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Ageing/Gerontology: Books

Key Locations

The Hartley Library uses the Library of Congress classification scheme for subjects other than Education, which uses Dewey Decimal Classification. Key locations for titles of interest to Gerontology students are listed here.  

Call Number       Subject     
HQ 1060-1064    Social Gerontology
WT 100-166    Geriatrics
BF 724       Psychology of Ageing

Floor Plans

The H (social sciences) books are located on Level 3 of the Hartley Library.  The W (medical) books are also on Level 3.  Remember that not all useful books are located in the H or W section, so you may have to go to other sections and floors of the Library.  Some relevant books may be located in other University of Southampton site libraries.  


These titles are useful to get an understanding of a topic. Click on a title to use.

Subject Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias

The Library has many dictionaries, encyclopaedias and biographies, including language dictionaries, subject dictionaries and specialist encyclopaedias.  Some are in hardcopy.  The titles below are available online.

Top eBooks

These are some of the key texts available as ebooks.  Click on a title to use.