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University of Southampton Library Services aims to make books and other resources available to support your learning and research. We welcome suggestions to purchase materials that we don't currently have available.

E-first purchasing policy

We have an e-first purchasing policy so will automatically purchase e-books where possible. If for some reason the e-version is an inadequate substitute for print you can add details in relevant box below and this will be considered. This doesn’t include personal preference for print format. 

Making a suggestion

Requests can be made by University of Southampton Library members.

Please check Library Search first to make sure that we don't already have the item.

If you need an item urgently then we may be able to find it in a nearby library or access it via an Inter Library loan or a document delivery quickly. 

If you are a teaching staff member and the request is related to an item to be included in your reading lists, please check our Reading list FAQs.

  1. Log into Library Search 
  2. Select Requests from the My account menu on the right of the screen. 
  3. Click on Create request 
  4. Complete the Request details sections of the form proving as much information as possible
  5. Include "Suggestion" into the "Comments" box, then click Submit Request.

Each suggestion is reviewed by the library and if appropriate, a purchase is made. 

Examples showing where a purchase may be appropriate:

  • Recently published (within last 12 months)
  • Likely to be used by multiple students on a module
  • On a module reading list
  • Supports teaching/research at the University
  • Document Delivery is not available
  • Extra copies or an ebook version of an in demand print title 

Examples showing where a purchase may not be appropriate:

  • Out of print or difficult to buy
  • Cost prohibitive
  • For a specialist research project or dissertation, and unlikely to be well used long term by others
  • Document delivery offers better value for money over purchase

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