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EndNote: About

Who is Endnote for?

Endnote is sophisticated software, primarily for staff and postgraduate researchers

Masters students and undergraduates are advised to use Endnote Online.

Mac users – you can access the Windows version of Endnote via SVE.  If you install Endnote on your Mac it will look different and work slightly differently to the Windows version.  We recommend you do the training for the Windows version and then see the guide below.

What is the difference between Endnote and Endnote Online?

Endnote is sophisticated software that must be installed on individual computers.

Endnote Online (also known as 'Endnote Basic' and 'Endnote Web') is a simplified version that allows you to store and organise references, add PDFs, and insert citations and build a reference list in Word.  It does not include all the more advanced features of Endnote, but can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.

What is Endnote?

EndNote is a software program that enables you to:

  • store your references
  • store PDF and other files with your references
  • organise your references
  • insert citations and build a reference list in Word
  • and more... Endnote has many advanced features

Thinking of using Endnote?

Some things to consider...

  • Endnote is sophisticated software, so it can take time to learn
  • It is recommended for researchers who are working with large numbers of references, e.g. staff and PhD students
  • Simpler alternatives are available – these are often more suitable for undergraduates and masters students
  • Work through the online training course before you start, to avoid making time consuming mistakes
  • Endnote files are at higher risk of corruption than other files, so keep an up-to-date back-up


If you have a question that's not answered here, contact the Library at:

Essential - keep an up-to-date back-up

Endnote files are at higher risk of corruption than other files.  Therefore, it is essential to keep an up-to-date backup copy.

To create a backup copy:

  • In Endnote, click in File> Compressed Library (.enlx)

For more information, watch this short video:

The most important things...

If you decide to use Endnote, follow these rules:
  1. keep an up-to-date back-up (File> Compressed Library)
  2. only have ONE library (if possible)
  3. remove duplicates before citing in Word
  4. in Word, use ‘Edit & Manage Citation(s)’ to edit or delete a reference
If you don’t follow these rules, you will probably create a Word document that is messy and time consuming to correct.  It may even become corrupted.  If you do not back-up, you risk losing years of important work.

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