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Health Sciences: Books & eBooks

Key Book Locations for Health Sciences

Call Number    Subject     
WY  Nursing
WE 800  Podiatry
QS 4  Anatomy
QT 104  Physiology
WQ  Midwifery
WB 460  Physiotherapy
WB 555

 Occupational Therapy


These are on Level 3 of the Hartley Library.


About eBooks

We buy ebooks where possible - not all books are available electronically. ebooks are listed on WebCat in the same way as print books.

Can't get access?

If you are off-campus, make sure you are using SVE.

Some ebooks are single-use only, which means that only one person can use them at a time. If you can't get access to the book you want, try again later. If you are still having problems then please contact us.