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Love Data @ Soton: Southampton ReproducibiliTea

Southampton ReproducibiliTea


Fortnightly in Building 32 10am – 11am
Organised by Sophie Hall and Christian Bokhove



We are a friendly group of researchers and PhD students from across the University of Southampton who meet informally to discuss robust research practice, reproducibility, replication, and open science. During these sessions, we discuss a paper relating to one of these themes. We also have guest speakers and seminar sessions.

If you are interested in reproducible research in any capacity, please feel free to come along. *Please read papers in advance of relevant sessions

Please note: the Southampton UKRN team is not a Library initiative, it has members drawn from all areas of the University and the Research Data team in the Library supports its endeavours (and not just because we like tea and cake!).

Date and time Room Theme Paper  

Wednesday 22nd January 



Replicability in qualitative research?

Transparency and replicability in qualitative research: The case of interviews with elite informants

Tuesday 4th February


32/ 2111

Reproducibility in biomedical research

Reproducible Research Practices and Transparency across the Biomedical Literature

Thursday 20th February



Reproducibility in my field - where do the strengths and weaknesses lie?

This will be a chance for us to discuss the issues around reproducibility in our own areas of research. Be prepared to chat about your field. It's up to you whether you talk about your field more broadly, or if you want to focus on your particular area of research.

Friday 6th March



Sampling and bias

Listen to this podcast – More or Less: Missing women from Drug Trials

Tuesday 17th March



Randomized control trials – good for reproducibility?

Understanding and misunderstanding randomized controlled trials

Monday 30th March



Loves notes to the future: the importance of metadata

Seminar led by Isobel Stark, Research Data Manager, Library. Slides for Loves to the Future are available for dlownload.


What is ReproducabiliTea?

ReproducabiliTea is an international ECR-led journal club initiative that helps young researchers create local Open Science groups that discuss issues, papers and ideas to do with improving science. For more information see the ReproducabiliTea Wiki pages.

ReproducibiliTea has now joined up with UK Reproducibility Network. You can follow them on Twitter for updates @ReproducibiliT or @ukrepro


Useful courses for better scientific practice

These courses have been discussed in the Southampton ReproducabiliTEA sessions: