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Southampton ReproducibiliTea


Join the Southampton UK Reproducibility Network Team for tea and cake at their fortnightly journal reading and seminar club!

The hour long sessions are open to anybody interested in robust research practice, reproducibility, replication, and open science. In each session, we will discuss a paper relating to one of these themes (see table below for list of papers). We will also have guest speakers running seminars about reproducibility and open science practice.


Fortnightly in Building 32 10am – 11am


Please note: the Southampton UKRN team is not a Library initiative, it has members drawn from all areas of the University and the Research Data team in the Library supports its endeavours (and not just because we like tea and cake!).

Time and location

Article / presentation


Link to article

Monday 16th September

10am - 11am (32/2111)

A Manifesto for reproducible science.

The Problem Defined The general overview

Tuesday 1st October



False Positive Psychology

Examining Analytic Flexibility and why it is a problem?

Thursday 17th October - 10am – 11am


Presentation from Christian Bokhove (Southampton Education School)



Friday 1st November 10am - 11am (32/2111)

Measuring the Prevalence of Questionable Research Practices with Incentives for Truth Telling.

Questionable Research Practices: are they really that common? And why are they problematic?

Monday 11th November

10am - 11am (32/2103)

Estimating the Reproducibility of Psychological Science

Reproducibility Now: Why so many studies are not reproducible.

Tuesday 26th November

10am - 11am (32/2103)





Thursday 12th December

10am -11am


Is the Replicability Crisis Overblown? Three Arguments Examined

Has the debate gone too far? Things will just turn out fine.


What is ReproducabiliTea?

ReproducabiliTea is an international ECR-led journal club initiative that helps young researchers create local Open Science groups that discuss issues, papers and ideas to do with improving science. For more information see the ReproducabiliTea Wiki pages.

ReproducibiliTea has now joined up with UK Reproducibility Network. You can follow them on Twitter for updates @ReproducibiliT or @ukrepro


Useful courses for better scientific practice

These courses have been discussed in the Southampton ReproducabiliTEA sessions: