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Love Data @ Soton: Library of Congress 2019 Event

Lecture by key members of Library of Congress, the oldest cultural heritage institution in the US

The Web Science Institute and University of Southampton Library were delighted to host a joint visit and seminar from two key members of the Library of Congress, Washington DC on Friday 19 July in Building 67, Room 1037, Highfield Campus.

Kate Zwaard, Director of Digital Strategy, Library of Congress gave a talk entitled ‘Incremental Progress toward Exponential Change’, addressing how one can make step changes in a fast changing environment within institutions with a low tolerance for risk.

Dr Colleen Shogan, Assistant Deputy Librarian, Collections and Services presented on ‘Social Media and Interactive Representation in the U.S. Congress’, discussing a new theory to explain the political, institutional and behavioural changes from interactivity through online platforms between Members of the Congress and the electorate.

Kate Zwaard and Dr Colleen Shogan













(L to R) Kate Zwaard and Dr Colleen Shogan

This is a recording of Colleen's talk only.

Please click on arrow on small video screen (at bottom right) to watch full screen in Panopto.

Please note: a technical issue resulted in the video skipping a few minutes of the talk  at 15 minutes and 22 seconds