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Love Data @ Soton: Southampton ReproducibiliTea

Southampton ReproducibiliTea

LogoWe are a friendly group of researchers and PhD students from across the University of Southampton who meet informally to discuss robust research practice, reproducibility, replication, and open science. During these sessions, we discuss a paper relating to one of these themes. We also have guest speakers and seminar sessions.

If you are interested in reproducible research in any capacity, please feel free to come along. *Please read papers in advance of relevant sessions

Please note: the Southampton UKRN team is not a Library initiative, it has members drawn from all areas of the University and the Research Data team in the Library supports its endeavours (and not just because we like tea and cake!).

To join our online meetings, please email one of the organisers for details: 

Date and time Session lead Theme Paper

26th May


Is most science bad?

Why most published research findings are false

11th June


Multilevel modelling and methodological transparency

Multilevel Modeling: A Review of Methodological Issues and Applications

24th June

Sophie and Philly Online data collection and reproducibility Seminar session

7th July

Philly What does reproducibility actually mean?

What does reproducibility actually mean?

22nd July

Sophie, Philly and Pip

Eliminating experimental bias - blinded experiments

After the Gold Rush: Questioning the “Gold Standard” and Reappraising the Status of Experiment and Randomized Controlled Trials in Education
(focus on “guessing games” section – pages 403-405)

Blinding Hubble constant -

  • People interested in physics can read:
    • Whole intro.
    • Whole Method.
  • Non-Physicists:
    • Intro: Paragraph 6.
    • Method: 2.4

Blinding in randomised trials: hiding who got what

6th August

Pip R environments Seminar sessions

18th August

Philly & Sophie Lightning talks - reproducability in my research

Discussion session allowing researchers to talk about any recommendations they have for reproducible research practices based on their own experiences, and to discuss any issues that they might be experiencing within their own research. 

What is ReproducabiliTea?

ReproducabiliTea is an international ECR-led journal club initiative that helps young researchers create local Open Science groups that discuss issues, papers and ideas to do with improving science. For more information see the ReproducabiliTea Wiki pages.

ReproducibiliTea has now joined up with UK Reproducibility Network. You can follow them on Twitter for updates @ReproducibiliT or @ukrepro


Useful courses for better scientific practice

These courses have been discussed in the Southampton ReproducabiliTEA sessions: