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Music: Journals

Print journals

Most of our music journals are available electronically, but sometimes you will need to consult articles where we only have the print version. Our collection of music print journals is shelved on Level 1 of the Hartley Library at Per M.

How Do I Know If You Have It?

Found a good article? Now you need to know whether you can get the full text.

If you've run a database search, the article's record may have a "Full Text" or "PDF" link - that's great: click to get the full text. If not, look out for the Full Text Finder icon - click this to find out if we have access to the journal. 

If you found the article another way, you can check our holdings using the title of the journal to see if we have a print copy in our holdings.  You can use Library Search to do this.  We also have an advanced guide to help you find out more on our Library Search help page

Understanding an Article Reference

A correctly formatted reference will tell you exactly where to find the full article:

Deeming, Helen ‘The sources and origin of the Agincourt Carol’, Early Music 35 (2007), 23-38.

This article was written by Helen Deeming, and the article's title is "The sources and origin of the Agincourt Carol". It was published in 2007 in the journal called "Early Music". It was published in volume 35, and the article appears on pages 23 to 38.

Finding journal articles

You can simply search Library Search to find journal articles, but the following will also help:

Off-Campus Access

Very few of our resources are freely available to any web user. If you're at home, the easiest way around this problem is to sign into the University's SVE service.

Alternatively, some resources may have an "institutional" or "Shibboleth" login option. Use this and log in with your University username and password.

Article not available in our collection?

Important article? Can't get the full text, or find it in our print journals collection on Level 1? Try our Inter-Library Loans service.