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If you have any queries about depositing into Pure, please email

For guidance on how to select outputs for the REF Benchmarking exercise, please see the REF Benchmarking guide for Researchers on the Pure Sharepoint site.

For information about why publications may not be showing on your profile page, checking if a record has been validated in Pure and searching by co-author in Pure please see the Pure & Research Output FAQs.

Video on how to deposit a journal article into PURE

Video Introduction to PURE - activities, impact and CVs

Video Overview from Library on PURE - REF2021, Open access, ORCID

What is ePrints Soton?


ePrints Soton is the University's Institutional Research Repository. It contains journal articles, books, PhD theses, conference papers, data, reports, working papers, art exhibitions and more. Records are created in PURE and automatically pushed through to ePrints.

The University has a policy that all research is recorded in our institutional repository, and that Accepted Manuscripts are uploaded and made available where possible.

ePrints Soton promotes research by making it available worldwide. It also feeds the publications section of the University staff web pages.


Contact Us

For help or advice with any Open Access or ePrints Soton query:


or phone the ePrints team on 023 8059 2370 (internal extension 22370)


Pure Training and Support

Library Workshops for Researchers

The Library and RIS are running training sessions on Pure for Superusers, Faculty Administrators and Researchers.

Please see StaffBook for details of forthcoming courses and workshops and information on signing up.

Further details are available in the following calendar: