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What's new in LibGuides 2: Admin

A brief guide

Asset Lists (Files, Links, etc.)

We can now download lists of assets - files, links and widgets.

For files making this available could help people reuse documents etc., since the list would be complete and include the LibGuides document title. We could get rid of the requirement to put a copy in J:\Library\LibGuides\DocumentArchive

for links this could help spot duplicates.

Editorial Process

LibGuides CMS allows us to enable a publishing workflow - where changes need to be approved by one of the authorised reviewers.


We can define groups - and assign one or more guides to them.

A group can have a different look and feel, and a different template than the rest of the site.


LibGuides 2 allows both a personal and shared image library. Both can be arranged into folders.

Access Restrictions

We can apply access restrictions based on a range of IP addresses. In practice we can restrict to the UoS domain, and could choose to include/exclude NOCS and/or USMC. More granular restrictions are probably not feasible.

We would use Groups to define which guides were restricted.

We can also apply control based on a defined password, but this may provide limited security.