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What's new in LibGuides 2: Known Issues

A brief guide

Browser Issues

LibGuides does not work well with Internet Explorer 8 - please use Google Chrome, FireFox or a recent version of Internet Explorer when checking or editing guides.

The book carousels do not display in 'edit mode' - but do appear when previewing or looking at a live page. In order to provide in-place editing Springshare have needed to disable some JavaScript actions in “edit mode” and this has the effect of preventing your carousel from appearing in this mode only.


Now LibGuides 2 has gone live the issue with linking back to LibGuides 1 should be resolved.


I have added subjects based on the old system and have added Librarians and Guides as appropriate. If you want to change / correct any of this let me know.

Subjects now also apply to Databases (i.e. those on the public A-Z list). Please let me know what you want for your subjects (under 'best bets' and 'also applicable).

This appears on subject landing pages (click on the subject word in a profile), and should provide a browse function in the A-Z list. The latter isn't visible yet.

Michael Whitton

Forms and Surveys

These are now possible in a new product called LibSurveys.

  • Forms are fairly simple, and all the questions are one one page
  • Surveys can be more complex, and questions are spread across multiple pages

This is working - ask us if you want to know more.

Documents and Files

Currently only the 'owner' can edit a Document item. The 'owner' will be the guide owner (for content from version 1) or whoever added it (for content created in version 2).

The admin team can reassign ownership of specific items. If a file hasn't been reused deleting and (re)adding the new version works.

This issue has been reported to Springshare - they are working on resolving this.

Friendly URLs

The problem with page-level friendly URLs should be resolved - the corrupted data is deleted, and many of these will need to be re-added. Please check your friendly URLs and let us know if you have problems.

Links to Guides are added with a ‘Guide List’ content type (e.g. the index of Subject Guides), will not show friendly URLs. This issue has been reported to SpringShare - it's not a bug, and may change for the better in a future update.

Profile boxes

Guides with multiple profile boxes are likely to have lost all but one. You can put them back using a Profile box then choosing the right person.