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What's new in LibGuides 2: Home

A brief guide

Top box

You can now have a box that spans all the columns - at the top or bottom. You have the same range of box types as usual.


Standard boxes cover almost all the box types from LibGuides 1. The main omission is 'Table of Contents Boxes', which now have to be created manually.

You can mix and match links, pictures, files etc. as much as you want.



A robot claw


The cosmos


Tabbed boxes can be very useful, and allow a lot of information to fit in a small space. You have access to the same range of content types as a Standard box.

The 'Media/Widget' content type is useful for any social media etc. that produces an embed code. E.g. YouTube videos.

Blogs and other social media often produce RSS feeds. This is a good way of getting dynamic content into your guide.

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Your profile is now common to LibGuides, LibCal and other products from SpringShare. To edit it go to the LibApps Dashboard from the main LibGuides menu.

Next click on the My Profile link

You will want to look at the Contacts & Social > General section (for contact details etc.). The LibGuides Profile tab lets you add a personal statement.

The Subjects part is centrally controlled by the Admin team.

Subject Guide

Profiles (continued)

You can also add a number of widgits to your profile, including from LibCal.

To have your contact details like mine, past the text below into the 'Address / Phone' box (in Contacts & Social > General section). To get your profile page URL click on your photo in anywhere you see your profile in LibGuides.

To remove your profile image use the code below in 'Guide custom JS/CSS'.