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Cope Collection, Special Collections, Hartley Library: Illustrations

The Cope Collection includes books, pamphlets, journals, prints, photographs and postcards on all aspects of life in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Local Illustrations

Most printed illustrations of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight date from the eighteenth century and include book illustrations, as well as those published as single sheets. From the mid-nineteenth century, photographs of places and individuals add to the visual record and from the late nineteenth century, postcards depicting places, events and people become commonplace. Guides include:

  • Barley, M.W.  A Guide to British Topographical Collections (1974) Hist Ref DA 600
  • Coles, R. Artists and Illustrators Around the New Forest and Solent: a Catalogue of Mainly Topographical Views (1999) Cope quarto 97.75
  • Turley, R.V. A Directory of Hampshire & Isle of Wight Art: Local Subjects Featured in the Principal London Exhibitions During the Late-18th and 19th Centuries (1977) Cope 75

Cope Collection Illustrations

The large collection of illustrations provides an important visual record of the county. It includes over 2,000 eighteenth and nineteenth-century prints, as well as later acquisitions in the form of collections of photographs and postcards - the latest of these being a collection of over 3,000 postcards of Southampton, most of which date from the early years of the 20th century.

In the Special Collections open access area there is an alphabetical index to the illustrations, and you can order the items in the Archives Search Room.  

Modern books of views and those which include reproductions of prints and early photographs, are shelved at Cope 91.5, Cope SOU 91.5 etc. Such books are often oversize and will be shelved in the 'quarto' section.

Electronic Access

Below Bar, Southampton

Postcard of Below Bar

Rare Books Cope pc 1550

Charles Tomkins Alum Bay and the Needles (1794)

engraving of The Needles

Rare Books Cope cq 98.915 ALU