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Cope Collection, Special Collections, Hartley Library: Maps

The Cope Collection includes books, pamphlets, journals, prints, photographs and postcards on all aspects of life in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


Small-scale maps of Hampshire date from the sixteenth century, with larger scale maps appearing in the eighteenth century and Ordnance Survey maps in the early nineteenth century.

Guides include:

  • Norgate, M. Checklist of Hampshire Maps: Early Printed Maps of the County (2000) Cope quarto 90.5
  • O'Donnell, J.A. Guide to the Location of Large-Scale Ordnance Survey Maps for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (1988) Cope 90.5
  • Penfold, A. An Introduction to the Printed Maps of Hampshire (1991) Cope quarto 90.5
  • Welch, Edwin Southampton Maps from Elizabethan Times (1964) Cope double folio SOU 06

Cope Collection Maps

Older maps available in the Rare Books section include:

Hampshire Southampton
1611 John Speed 1611 John Speed
1645 Jan Blaeu 1771 P. Mazell
1759 Isaac Taylor 1842 George Doswell
1791 Thomas Milne 1843 I.T. Lewis
1829 Walter Greenwood 1870 Philip Brannon
  1897 S.L. Buxey

Later county maps are shelved in the open access area at Cope 90.5 and Southampton maps at Cope SOU 90.5. There are two useful sets of reproductions of early Southampton maps at Cope double folio SOU 90.5.

Electronic Access

Access to some collections is restricted to members of the University.

From: John Speed Hampshire Described and Devided (1611)

detail from map

Rare Books Cope cf 90.5 1611

Pieter van den Keere Maps of Counties and Regions of Great Britain and Ireland (1627)

county map

Rare Books G 5740