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EndNote: Importing from Ovid Medline to EndNote Online

Reference management software

Part 1: Exporting from Medline

Select articles in Medline then click Export

  • In Medline, select the records you want to export
  • Click the "Export" button (on top of the list of references)

Select Format

  • You must set the Format option first

Choose Reprint / Medlars

  • To export to the desktop version of EndNote, select "EndNote"
  • However, to export to EndNote Online, select "Reprint / Medlars"

Select Fields: Citation, Abstract

  • Choose how much information to export
  • We recommend at the very least choosing "Citation, Abstract"

Part 2: Importing into EndNote Online

Click Collect, then Import References

  • Log into EndNote Online
  • Click "Collect"
  • Click "Import References"

Click Choose File then browse to exported file

  • Click "Choose file"
  • Browse to and select the file you exported from Medline (most likely in your Downloads folder)

Choose Import Option: Medline (Ovid SP)

  • Set the "Import Option" to "Medline (OvidSP)"

Choose with Group to import records to

  • Choose which group to import the references to
  • You can choose a group that already exists, or create a new group to put the references in