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EndNote: Importing from PubMed to EndNote Online

Reference management software

Part 1: Exporting from PubMed

Exporting references from PubMed

  • Select the articles you want to export from your PubMed results
  • Click "Send to"
  • Select "Citation manager"
  • Click "Create File"

Part 2: Importing into EndNote Online

Click Collect, then Import References

  • Log into EndNote Online
  • Click "Collect"
  • Click "Import References"

Click Choose File then browse to exported file

  • Click "Choose file"
  • Browse to and select your file of exported references (most likely in your Downloads folder)

Selecting PubMed as the Import Option

  • Choose the Import Option of "PubMed (NLM)"
  • Avoid the "PubMed Central (NLM) option - this is different, and will not work

Import into EndNote Group

  • Choose which group (if any) you wish to add the references to
  • You can create a new group for them at this stage, if you want