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Writing the Dissertation - Guides for Success: Writing the Dissertation Homepage

An introduction to writing your dissertation

Dissertations are often included in third year undergraduate work, as well as forming an important part of any Masters level programme.

A dissertation provides you with an opportunity to work independently, at length, on a topic that particularly interests you. It is also an effective means of research training, which helps to develop advanced intellectual skills such as evaluation, analysis and synthesis, as well as management skills.

Our Writing the Dissertation guides provide advice about how to approach, undertake and evaluate your own dissertation, so that you can make the most of this challenge.

Note: The contents of the dissertation guides aren't tailored to specific academic subject areas, but writing conventions do vary across disciplines. Therefore, it is important that you adapt the guidance to meet the particular requirements of your discipline.

Writing the Dissertation video workshops.
Writing the Dissertation video workshops: Introduction and Conclusion.
Writing the Dissertation video series: Literature Review.
Writing the Dissertation workshop videos: Methods or methodology.
Writing the Dissertation video workshops: Results and Discussion
Writing the Dissertation video workshops: The Abstract.
Writing the Dissertation video workshops: Dissertation Q and A.

How to use our guides for success

Our dissertation writing guides begin with the Overview and Planning process, including developing a Research Question, then move through common sections of the writing: Literature Review, Methodology, Results and Discussion, and Conclusion. You can navigate the guides using the tabs above. You can also access the guides through our Dissertation Planner tool.

However, as you explore the guides, please keep in mind that the writing process is recursive and won't progress in a wholly linear fashion. Thus, whilst the guides are arranged 'chronologically', feel free to move between them and study their contents in whatever order best suits your approach and project.

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