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History: Journals

Print Journals

Most of our history journals are available electronically, but sometimes you will need to consult articles where we only have the print version. Our collection of print journals is shelved on Level 1 of the Hartley Library at Per C-F.

Understanding An Article Reference

A correctly formatted reference will tell you exactly where to find the article.

M. Kishlansky, 'Mission Impossible: Charles I, Oliver Cromwell and the Regicide', English Historical Review, 125 (2010), 844-74.

This article was written by M. Kishlansky, and the article's title is  'Mission Impossible: Charles I, Oliver Cromwell and the Regicide'. It was published in 2010 in the journal called English Historical Review. It was published in volume 125, and the article runs from page 844 to 874.

Finding journal articles

To find a specific journal article go to DelphiS If you were searching for this reference:

A. Crawford,  (2001) “The Queen's Council in the Middle Ages” English Historical Review, 116,  (2001) 1193-1211

you could simply key in the author’s surname and keywords from the title: i.e. crawford queen’s council middle ages.

The article should be at the top of the search results list and the Full Text Finder link will take you to the full text options for the article.

 If you don't find your article, the best way of being certain whether we have access to an article is to check WebCat. You would need to search for the journal title (not the article) and then check the details to see if we have the required issue either electronically or in print.

To find journal articles on a topic, also use DelphiS. Say you are interested in the role of the movement the Diggers in the English Civil War period. Try searching for diggers. You retrieve an assortment of "diggers", some not the ones you are interested in. Try this search: diggers “English Civil War” and you should retrieve relevant articles.

N.B. the inverted commas around "English Civil War" indicate a phrase search (i.e. the three words in that precise order) and should prevent retrieving a title like “English volunteers in the Spanish Civil War”.

Look out for Full Text Finder, PDF links, HTML links for full-text. Full Text Finder links will check for full text.You can limit the records you have retrieved to just full text or academic journals by using the limits offered in the left-hand column.

The following may offer a more focused search or might be a databases that DelphiS doesn't search :

Off-Campus Access

Very few of our resources are freely available to any web user. If you're at home, the easiest way around this problem is to sign into the University's SVE service.

Alternatively, some resources may have an "institutional" or "Shibboleth" login option. Use this and log in with your University username and password.

Article not available in our collection?

Important article? Can't get the full text, or find it in our print journals collection on Level 1? Try our Inter-Library Loans service.