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Parkes Library, Special Collections, Hartley Library: Journal and Newspaper Articles

The Parkes Library was established by James Parkes, a tireless campaigner against anti-Semitism, and is a major resource for the study of Jewish/non-Jewish relations across the ages.

Why Use Journal Articles?

  • Articles are more up-to-date than books
  • They offer greater detail and insight into research
  • Peer-reviewed articles are considered more reliable

How Do I Know If You Have It?

Found a good article? Now you need to know whether you can get the full text.

If you've run a database search, the article's record may have a "Full Text" or "PDF" link - that's great: click to get the full text. If not, look out for the Full Text Finder icon - click this to find out if we have access to the journal. 


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Finding Journal Articles

You can search for journal articles on the DelphiS search and on the individual databases listed below:

Inter-Library Loans

If you find a journal article and cannot access it in print or online at Southampton, you can use the Inter-Library Loan Service to borrow it from another Library.

Jewish Quarterly Review 1888

Journal title page

Historic British Newspapers

A University of Southampton login is required for full-text access to some titles.

Contemporary British Newspapers

A University of Southampton login is required for full-text access