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Parkes Library, Special Collections, Hartley Library: Using the Library

The Parkes Library was established by James Parkes, a tireless campaigner against anti-Semitism, and is a major resource for the study of Jewish/non-Jewish relations across the ages.

Borrowing Books

Most Parkes books are available for Long Loan or One Week Loan.

If you have a University I.D./Library Card you can borrow books at the Loans Desk or at the self-issue units on level 2.

Membership of the Friends of the Parkes Library includes an External Borrower's Card.

Reprographic Services

The nearest copier is behind the main staircase on Level 4.

If you are not a member of the University, you will need to set up a guest account online, see Hartley Library: Visitors

Bound volumes in the rare books area cannot be photocopied, but you can request photographic or microfilm copies, subject to the age and condition of the item.

See Reprographic Services for a list of the types of copy available and charges.

Books from the Collection

Books from the Parkes Library

Fortunoff Video Archive

A set of twenty copies of videos from the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies is available for use in the Archives Search Room.

You can see a list of titles by entering 'Fortunoff' as a keyword search on WebCat.

Contact to make an appointment to use the collection. 

Location and Access

The Parkes Library is part of Special Collections on level 4 of the Hartley Library on the Highfield Campus. It is open to everyone to use.

  • Books printed after 1850 (call number Parkes) are generally shelved in the Special Collections open access area and can be used whenever the Hartley Library is open.
  • Older books (call number Rare Books Parkes) are fetched for use in the Archives Search Room, which is open Monday to Friday 09.30-17.00. Appointments are not required, but it can save you time if you order items in advance. Contact or phone: 023 80592721 to order material. 
  • Books which are in high demand are often moved to the Avenue Course Collection.

If you do not have a University I.D. Card, you will need to show photographic I.D. and a form of I.D. which includes your permanent residential address when you enter the Hartley Library and also when you arrive at the Search Room.

Catalogues / Library Resources Search

  • WebCat includes records for all Parkes books and journals. To find a specific book, use the keywords option in Quick Search and enter the author's family name and a few words from the title. You can also use keywords to find books by subject. On the Advanced Searches screen you can limit searches by date, language and collection.
  • DelphiS enables you to search across WebCat and the Library's electronic databases and is especially useful for subject searches. You will need a University login for access.

Call Numbers

Books are shelved in the Special Collections open access area as follows:

BZ 1 Language
BZ 61-95 Bible
BZ 511-1356 Judaism
BZ 1531-1591 Jewish culture
BZ 1601-2801 Jewish history
BZ 2511-2931 Middle East - Arab-Jewish relations
BZ 3011-4471  Palestine - Zionism 
BZ 4511-5561   Israel
BZ 6011-6016  Biography 
BZ 6031-6061   Jewish social history 
BZ 7051-7921  Jewish-Christian relations 
BZ 8011-8296   Anti-Semitism

Larger books (quartos) are shelved separately at the end of the main sequence.


Parkes journals are shelved in alphabetical order of title at the end of the book sequence.

Journals with the call number Rare Books Parkes per are fetched for use in the Archives Search Room.

See the E-Journals tab above for a list of titles online. 

Due to licence restrictions, only members of the University have full access to electronic services other than the Library's computer catalogue (WebCat). However, we can offer limited provision to some e-resources to walk-in users.  Please email in the first instance.

Books from the Collection

Books from the Parkes Library


These are kept in the Microform Services Area on level 1. They are arranged by number e.g. 40001765.

You can read, copy or scan microfilm and microfiche using the reader-printers. A University login is required for scanning.

See the Microforms tab above for a list of all Parkes Microforms.

AJR Refugee Voices

Refugee Voices is an electronic collection of 150 filmed interviews with Jewish refugees and Holocaust survivors who made their home in Great Britain. 

To make an appointment to use the collection contact the Search Room on 023 8059 2721 or email

You will need to bring I.D.for access to the Search Room.