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Research Data Management: FAQs

Guidance and support to staff, researchers and students at the University of Southampton

Frequently asked questions

1. Depositing your research data


1. Where can I deposit my research data?


2. If I have to deposit in a discipline data repository do I also need to deposit with the University?


3. What help is available to assist with decisions about the "significance" of research data?


4. Does the University research data management policy only apply to funded research?


5. Does the University research data management policy only apply to electronic or computer- readable data?


6. What happens if my funder only wants me to keep the data for 3-5 years, but the University policy says 10 years?


7. Does my data have to be made openly available?


8. In PURE do I deposit my data on the same record as my publication?


2. Research Data Management Plans


1. Have you got any draft text about institutional support for research data management that I can put in my bid?


2. How do I find out if I need to submit a data management plan with a project proposal?


3. Do I need a data management plan if my funder hasn't asked for one?


3. Sharing your research data


1. Do I need to share my research data?


2. I have code rather than data - do I need to share this?


3. How can I promote the availability of my data?


4. Are there any examples on what I should include in my acknowledgement/data availability statement?


4. Training


1. Do you provide any training in data management?

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