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Data and Statistics: Mapping Data

Useful links

Ordnance Survey Open Data

The University of Southampton provides access to Ordnance Survey (OS) maps and map data via the EDINA Digimap service for educational purposes. This flexible resource allows the selection and annotation of different sized areas as well as data download. Staff and students are recommended to use this service for all educational purposes. 

If the requirement is for large scale datasets or for commerical purposes you may find that the OS OpenData may be of assistance. Ordnance Survey (OS) offer products to enable the analysis of data, build interactive websites and create visualisations through OS OpenData.  They offer:

Geoscience Data

British Geological Survey Open Geoscience data

  • map viewers
    • Geology of Britain - Borehole scans, Earthquake timeline, 3D models
    • Offshore and Onshore GeoIndex
    • Groundwater levels timeline viewer
    • Hydrogeology viewer
    • London Earth
  • downloadable data
    • National Bedrock Fence Diagram
    • 525k UK geology data
    • 625k UK geology and earthquakes KML
    • 625k hydrogeological data
    • Gravity and magnetic survey data
    • Chemical data - sample locations
  • scans and photos
    • Borehole core sample photographs and scans
    • GeoScenic - images from the National Archive of Geological Photographs
    • Historical maps of the Geological Survey of Great Britain and Ireland 1835-1905
    • Hydrogeology maps of the UK
    • Irish historical geological maps
    • Magnetograms
    • Petrological thin section images
  • mobile apps - iGeology and mySoil
  • data collections
  • web services and linked data
    • Map data services
      • KML - UK geology, UK and worldwide earthquake maps
      • Web Map Services (WMS) - UK geology datasets
      • GeoRSS feeds - UK and worldwide earthquake maps
      • Embed a UK geology or earthquakes map
    • Other data services - Linked data, RSS news feeds, Vocabulary web service

Geographic Information Systems

A geographic information systems (GIS) is a computer system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage and present all types of spatial or geographical data.

ESRI ArcGIS is available in the University. 

  • For staff & students - ArcGIS is available to all staff from the Additional Software icon on their university machines.
  • For use on personal machines - ArcGIS can be downloaded from  A network connection is needed during installation so that ESRI (ArcGIS providers) can issues a license to your machine.

Note: Software is for educational use only while you are a member of the institution.  Also if you require to use ArcGIS when outside the UK or Republic of Ireland please complete the Overseas Usage form available from Software Download site.

Training resources are available from LinkedIn Learning.

Computer-aided design (CAD)

Geospatial data can be used in computer-aided design and drafting packages such as AutoCAD. 

Autodesk Education Master Suite is available in the University

  • For students - AutoCAD is available in a number of the Common Learning Spaces.
  • For staff - AutoCAD can be installed as required via "additional software" icon on the desktop. 
  • Home use - Students and staff can take advantage of education discounts on Autodesk for home use - contact ServiceLine for further information

Training resources are available from LinkedIn Learning.

EDINA Digimap provides data download in formats suitable for use in CAD software.

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