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getting smart with online academic integrity

As you settle in to studying and working online it is important to remember that you still need to adhere to the University's Academic Integrity (AI) regulations to ensure that your academic results remain accurate and meaningful.

The resources on this page are provided to help you to continue with Academic Integrity as you move to studying and being assessed online.

What is academic integrity?

The advice on our what is academic integrity guide is still relevant when you are completing your studies online. It explains what are breaches of academic integrity and shows you the steps you can take to avoid making them.

Quick guide to citing and referencing online sources

This video gives you a quick overview of referencing online sources such as ebooks, online journals and webpages. You can get more detailed advice and examples of how to cite and reference sources in your work from our citing and referencing guide.

A text only version of the contents of the video is available Referencing and citing online sources [WORD]

What support is there for academic integrity?

Sources of help, support and guidance remain open and accessible for you online and you can contact the following for advice on all aspects of academic integrity:

Where can I find the Academic Integrity (AI) Regulations?

See the Academic Integrity (AI) Regulations document to find out more about academic integrity, good practice and your responsibilities.

Is there a short video which explains how I can maintain my Academic Integrity while I am studying online?

See this short video which has been created by academic staff from the Academic Integrity Officers Network at the university for helpful tips on how you can keep on-track with good academic practice and academic integrity while studying online.

A text only version of the contents of the video Good Academic Practice and Academic Integrity when studying online is available [WORD]

Key links mentioned in the video are all available on this webpage see the sections above.

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