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Getting Started: Writing the dissertation

Use our Writing the dissertation guide as a way of steering you through the challenges of researching, planning and writing a dissertation. More detailed guidance on writing each chapter is provided throughout the various stages of the Dissertation Planner.

You might find it helpful to start the dissertation process by generating some initial ideas for your dissertation topic. These ideas might lack focus at first, but there’s no need to worry at this stage – it’s simply about making a start and exploring possible options. Try Freewriting as a way of getting some initial ideas on the page. You might unearth something interesting!

Also, get a head start on the formatting of your dissertation and the submission process. This can help you to avoid any late surprises. The conventions and expectations vary depending on the faculty or school, so consult the dissertation guidance you've been provided. Think about using a document preparation system or a writing and editing tool, such as Overleaf, an online LaTeX editor designed to ease the process of writing and editing large pieces of work. See the Library's webpage for tips and support.