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General advice and guidance for students using Turnitin


Turnitin software. Image istockphoto-1184450617 The University uses a service called Turnitin, which is a text matching software tool that can help to identify plagiarism. This tool can assist both students and tutors to ensure that documents and assignments are correctly referenced. 

Turnitin is used through Blackboard by some (but not all) faculties at the university as a method of e-Submission.

To understand what plagiarism means you should visit our What is academic integrity page? The page includes links to university guidance and definitions of academic breaches including plagiarism and how you can avoid it.


Turnitin Help Guides for students

See the guides on the Turnitin page for students for practical guidance on using Turnitin to submit your assignments.


Only use Turnitin via one browser tab / window

When using Turnitin within Blackboard it is important to use Turnitin only in one web browser tab or window.  Using Turnitin within multiple web browser tabs/windows is not supported and can cause unpredictable behaviour when doing so. If multiple Turnitin web browser tabs are open there is a risk that Turnitin activities carried out in one tab may impact Turnitin assignments in another open tab. For example, it could result in the loss of data which Turnitin are not able to recover.


Using Turnitin: An overview for students

A Panopto video recording has been created by academic staff on behalf of the University's Academic Integrity Officers Network to give an Overview for students on using Turnitin and understanding similarity reports 

The video includes closed captions but a text only version of the slides shown in the presentation is available [Word]

image of first frame of the video

The learning activity below was created for students studying within the Southampton Business School, but if your own School or discipline allows you to upload drafts to Turnitin and see the similarity report for some assignments, then it may also be helpful to you.

  • The learning activity is a short introduction which will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
  • It will help you to understand how to use Turnitin similarity reports to improve your work.

A Word document highlighting all of the key information from the learning activity is available [Word]. If you find an accessibility issue please contact

[Click on the image to go to the activity which will open in an new browser tab]

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