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Staying connected and keeping well

Support is available for you while you are working away from or on campus. There is guidance on how you can get wellbeing support from Student Disability and Inclusion, Student Wellbeing, and Faith and Reflection, on the Support and wellbeing website.

There is guidance on the latest situation on the COVID-19 (coronavirus) student webpage, along with FAQs and links to further University guidance for staff and students.

SUSU is working closely with the University to ensure the health and well-being of students and have a support guide to answer any questions that you might have. Also take a look at the activities page where you can find lots of ways to stay social.

Tools to keep you connected

Keep in regular contact with your peers. It is really important to still connect with one another. This will help with your studies too - learning is a social process after all!

Here are some ideas:

SUSU Online Community

All University of Southampton students are welcome to join this Facebook group which has been set up to help you stay in touch and share tips.

Digital study buddy

Why not partner up with someone as a digital study buddy? You can start your day by setting goals, and check-in with each other regularly to monitor progress.

Study environment

If you find it really difficult to study in silence or by yourself - you're not alone. Research from Mehta et al. (2012) shows background noise can enhance performance on creative tasks. This is why Coffitivity was created. With soundtracks including morning murmur, lunchtime lunch and university undertones, it's the perfect way to emulate the background noise of your favourite study spot.

Making new connections

While you are studying, use this as a chance to make new connections.  Here are some online communities which will give you an opportunity to meet new people:

Connect with other students and researchers

These are great places to network and talk to other students:



Connect with other people

These communities connect lots of different people and interests. They are a great place to find like-minded people:

Online etiquette (click to read more...)

Because you are missing body language cues and immediate feedback from your “listener" when you post something online, it is very important to understand some common rules for good online etiquette. This ensures that the message you intend to convey is received correctly.

Tips to bear in mind....

  • Who’ll be reading your post? Can it be read by the wider public? Could it be seen by people you have, or might one day have, a professional relationship with?
  • What style should you be using? Always be courteous, even when you strongly disagree with someone. Remember that it in most cases, content you post will be public, it may not be possible to remove it at a later date and it could be reposted or shared.
  • Think twice about how you post content if you’re feeling angry about something and consider the effect that this might have on the situation. If you’re responding to someone else’s post ask yourself whether you are sure that you have read the post in the way in which it was intended. Your response could just make things more heated.

Acknowledgement (click to read more...)

Creative Commons License  'Skills for studying online'. Our pages are a derivative of  Remote learning SkillsGuide available at licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. We thank the generosity of the University of Hull Library for providing a CC BY-NC-SA licence and under the terms provide the same licence for our pages.

Related resources:

SUSU Online Community

All University of Southampton students are welcome to join this Facebook group which has been set up to help them stay in touch and share tips.

Coffitivity recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better. Soundtracks include morning murmur, lunchtime lunch and university undertones. 


reddit connects lots of different people and interests.  It is a great way to find like-minded people. 



Quora connects lots of different people and interests.  It is a great way to find like-minded people.