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Studying at the Hartley Library

The University Library supports all members of the University across every campus. We're here to provide you with the resources you need, and training to make the best use of them.

Our guides will give you information about our sites, services and collections. You'll find guides for every subject area at the University, plus guides to support research and to help you use our resources more effectively.

If you need help, use our enquiry services - we're available in person, and also via email, telephone and our webchat service.

University Library UX Study

During this academic year the library has been working with students and staff on a user experience study to find out how the library spaces at Hartley are used. Using this and other feedback, we are planning how different spaces will be developed during summer 2017. 

Some changes have been small, like replacing Webcat machines with full workstations and turning down the sound volume on self issue to reduce the intrusive noise. Other changes will be more significant with the library making choices for the Hartley Library Phase 2 refurbishment project. 

There will be:

  • more power to desks
  • more spaces for collaborative working 
  • more of the popular blue study booths 
  • improvement to the water fountain on Level 4 and
  • creation of new spaces in response to your demand for groups study areas and quiet independent study

Observation by Library staff and graffiti boards will continue for the next few months. Recruitment of participants for our UX study has now ended.  We will present a full report on the outcomes of the UX Project when it concludes in June 2017.  

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