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Open Access & Institutional Repository: Finding open access resources

Discovering Open Access resources

How can you get started finding Open Access articles? 

Download a browser extension to search 

Unpaywall, OA Button and CORE Discovery are Chrome and Firefox extensions that find legal open access copies of individual articles from both publishers and repositories.  They search open access content from thousands of publishers and repositiories making it easy to find and use.  

Got an article you want to check?  
You can paste an article DOI (the unique article identifier) into the OA Button and CORE Discovery search bars. Open Access Helper works the same way for iOS and Safari.
Test them out with this article: (the article DOI is 10.1038/s41559-016-0002)

Google: if you find an article that is behind a paywall, try copy & pasting the article title into a search engine. If there is a copy in a repository it will often display on the first page of search results. 

Articles can be made open access (OA) on the journal website (Publisher OA) or via institutional and subject repositories (green OA, often involving an embargo set by the journal publisher). Find out more about how to make your own work open access at

Both Scopus and Web of Science have a filter to select only Open Access articles. They predominantly display articles that are gold OA, not the many thousands of articles that are green OA via repositories and preprint servers. 

If you are a member of the University 

Can’t find what you need? if you can’t find a legal open access version, use our interlibrary loan service and we will source a copy, often within 24 hours. Please do not spend your own money, or grant money, on journal articles. Find out more at

LibKey Nomad: part of our BrowZine subscription, LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that integrates with Wikipedia, publisher websites and PubMed to give you easy access to the full text of journal articles. If we do not have a subscription, LibKey Nomad uses data from Unpaywall to search for legal open access copies.

EndNote Click (formerly Kopernio): a Chrome extension that finds articles from our library subscriptions and open access versions.

See this helpful blog post from the University of Southampton Digital Learning Team for further suggestions for finding copyright-free images.

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