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Health Services Library for NHS Staff: Medical Masterclass

Medical Masterclass

What Is It?

This resource helps you prepare for your MRCP(UK) exams. 

Can Everyone Use It?

No. Unfortunately we have only 10 licences. These can be reused, but only after the current user releases the licence and their data is wiped.

The online version is also available for UHS staff only.

Do You Have A Print Alternative?

Yes, we also have the 3rd edition of Medical Masterclass in print. It comes in an easy-to-read format, with clinical images and highlighted key points throughout. It is considered to be the most comprehensive MRCP(UK) revision package available.

What's In It?

It includes access to a question bank of MRCP(UK) Part 1 and Part 2 written exam type questions... and the PACES screencasts, helping you prepare for, and know what to expect at the MRCP(UK) PACES exam.

How Do I Request Access?

Email us and if there is a licence available, we will assign it to you. If one is not available, we will put you on the waiting list.

Once you've finished with it, please let us know: we will wipe your data and release the licence for someone else.