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Health Services Library for NHS Staff: Topol Review

"NHS Boards should take full responsibility for effective knowledge management to enable staff to learn from experience (both successes and failures) and accelerate the adoption of proven innovations." p.16

"Remember, Topol is not about the technology, it's about the impact of the technology on the workforce. That means it's important for human resources, organisational development, knowledge management, information technology, all the clinicians and crucially your Board and Executive." - David Stewart, Director of Health Library and Knowledge Services North, Health Education England

"The NHS should increase the overall numbers of clinicians, as well as scientists, technologist and knowledge specialist posts, with dedicated, accredited time to keep their skills up to date and with the opportunity to work in partnership with academia and/or the health tech industry on the design, implementation and use of digital, AI and robotic technologies (AIR5/DM4)." p.57


Content on this page has been adapted from information prepared by the University of Cambridge Medical Library, and has been reused with permission.