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Health Services Library for NHS Staff: Photo Tour

HSL Photo Tour

The South Academic Block entrance

The Health Services Library is located on A level, South Academic Block, Southampton General Hospital. 

The South Academic Block entrance double doors

This is the entrance that is nearest to the Health Services Library. If you are entering through this South Academic block entrance, the library is just on the right once you go through these doors.

Sanitiser and masks outside the library.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, new safety measures have been introduced. As within the rest of the hospital, you must wear a mask inside the library, unless you are exempt. You will find boxes of masks and hand sanitiser when you enter the building.

This is the Laboratory & Pathology / South Academic Block entrance.

 If you are entering through the South Academic Block / Laboratory & Pathology Block entrance, you will need to turn left after going through these doors.

The corridor by the Amazon lockers

Turn left by the Amazon lockers and continue straight down the corridor.

The corridor leading to the library, by the Health Sciences corridor

Continue past the School of Health Sciences corridor and the Health Services Library is on the left.

The double doors leading to the Health Services Library.

Here is the main entrance to the Health Services Library.



The red book return box

If you have books to return, you can deposit these into the red book return box outside the library. Or you can bring them to the or Loans Desk when the library is open.

Sanitiser by the library entrance.

On entering the library through the double doors you will see more sanitiser on the left for your use.

One way signs and arrows indicate the exit and entrance.

There is a one way system in place with regards to the entrance and exit of the library; please follow the arrows on the floor. You will leave the library by a different set of doors to the ones you entered by.

The Loans Desk

The Loans Desk is on the left as you enter the library.

Sanitiser, masks and surface wipes on the Loans Desk.

At the Loans Desk there are more masks, sanitiser and wipes for you to use. A staff member will provide you with an 'Entry Card' to either browse, use a study desk, use an NHS PC, or use a University of Southampton PC.

Near the Loans Desk is the “Click and Collect” area where you will find any books you have requested, known as holds. Please use the self-issue machine to add these books to your account. To the right of the "Click and Collect" shelves are all the medical journals we have for the current calendar year.

This is the self-issue machine. Please use this when you want to borrow books. The red trolley is to be used for books you have looked at but don’t want to borrow.

On the other side of the “Click and Collect” area and this year’s journals are the Academic Skills, Career, Self-Help, and BPP sections.

Study desks and the Reference books.

There are study desks available throughout the library. The Reference books section can be seen here in the background.

Study desks with a green tick can be used.

Please only sit at desks where there is a green tick. The surface wipes provided should be used before and after you use a study space.

PCs in the library which can be booked.

There are both University and NHS PCs available throughout the library. Please make sure to ask for an NHS or UoS PC 'Entry Card' at the Loans Desk.

The Photocopy Room has two MFDs.

The Photocopy Room (near the Reference books) has two MFDs available for University students and staff to use. There is a printer that NHS staff can use on the other side of the library, by the NHS E-Zone.

Shelves of medical journals

To the left and rear of the library are the medical journals.

The rolling stack where journals are kept.

The rolling stack contains our collection of medical journals from pre-1995. The rest of the journals are kept on shelves adjacent to the rolling stack.

Zone 6 quiet study area.

At the far end of the library are quiet study spaces with power points. This area is Zone 6 and spaces here can currently be booked in 2 hour slots.

The ATS zone and WebCat PC.

This is the ATS (Assistive Technology Suite) zone Please contact Student Disability and Inclusion to learn more about ATS computers.

The NHS E-Zone PCs.

On the right hand side of the library in a side room is the NHS E-Zone. These PCs are reserved for library users with NHS log-ins. There is a printer just outside the room.

Shelves of books and journals.

This view of the library is from towards the back and facing the entrance. The shelves of books can be seen on the left and journals from 1995 onwards are on the right.

Smart Classroom PCs.

Near the exit of the library you will find the Smart Classroom. This is used for training.

Laptop locker

Near the exit / opposite the Loans Desk is the laptop locker. University students and staff may borrow a laptop for up to one week. You can borrow a power cable and laptop bag from the Loans Desk.

Laptop locker

Laptop locker

Public phone and exit of Health Services Library.

The library exit is shown here.