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Games Design: Games

Games Design at Winchester School of Art

IFDB: The Interactive Fiction Database

The IFDB is "an IF game catalogue and recommendation engine" and "a Wiki-style community project: members can add new game listings, write reviews, exchange game recommendations, and more."

National Library of Australia: board game collection

The National Library of Australia holds a significant collection of Australian board games. Most are in the form of maps or have a cartographic theme, but many also represent Australian culture and history.

The Games Board

The Games Board is run by a group of games historians and aimed at games researchers. It includes articles and links to key games collections. The website "is centred around GARD, a database of pictures, copyright, design and patent registrations, books relating to games, information on significant game collections, and more than 3000 actual examples of games, 2500 of which have pictures."

The Strong: National Museum of Play

The Strong: National Museum of Play owns and cares for the world's most comprehensive collection of toys, dolls, board games, video games, other electronic games, books, documents, and other historical materials related to play. Their Games collection includes board games, card games, dexterity puzzles, role-playing games, game prototypes, and more.

Information on their video and electronic games collections can be found here.

Now Play This: A Festival of Experimental Game Design

Now Play This is a Festival of Experimental Game Design, which takes place annually at Somerset House in London. Updates and open calls are posted on the Festival's blog.

Bodleian Libraries: Games collection

Bodleian Libraries holds a major collection of board games and pastimes dating from 1800 to 2000. Their LibGuide page links to their games collections and covers key themes such as the ephemera of games, children at play, war and conflict, morality, the historical perspective and the worldview.