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Training and Workshops - Referencing and Plagiarism: Home


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Referencing and Plagiarism training and workshops




Duration: 5 mins Start Training

By the end of this activity you should be able to:
•understand what referencing is and why it is important
•understand when you must reference
•find out which referencing style you must use

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Citation searching

Duration: 8 mins  Recorded Start Training

Find out how you can use citation searching to determine how many time a particular article has been cited.


Endnote Essential Training

Duration: 1 hr 23 mins Start Training

This comprehensive course from  will get you up and running with the desktop version of EndNote X8 for Windows users.  

In addition to completing the above course we recommend that you watch the following videos for supplementary help 

Please note  - the videos below were recorded using Endnote X7.  The main difference is that the appearance of the icons  has changed. The icons have the same names and functions, and appear in the same order.  Hover over the icons to see their names. We will replace these with videos using EndNote X8 as they become available.

Creating and keeping an up to date back-up (01:03 mins) - this is essential!
Add references to your Endnote library by hand (03:23 mins) - further advice on entering author's names and what to do if the author is a corporate body.
Remove duplicate references  (02:09 mins)
Importing a single PDF or a folder of PDFs  (03:06 mins)
Find Reference Updates (05.32 mins)
Cite While You Write  (06:22 mins) - includes removing citations from Word; adding page numbers to a reference; removing the author(s) from the brackets; formatting the bibliography to remove indents and add line spacing. 


Endnote - exporting from databases

Duration: 8 mins  

We recommend that you import references directly from your chosen database rather than using the online search with in EndNote. Here are some examples:

Export from Web of Science to Endnote  (03:06min)
Export from Google Scholar to Endnote (01:16min)
Export from COPAC to Endnote  (01:00min) - COPAC cross-searches the catalogues of major UK and Irish libraries including may universities, national libraries and specialist libraries. This would be more straight forward that the ISBN search suggested in the course