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UHS NHS Foundation Trust: Literature Searching

NICE Evidence Services- FAQs

e-LfH - e-learning programmes

If you have an OpenAthens account and wish to access e-LfH. e-LfH is a Health Education England Programme in partnership with the NHS and Professional Bodies.

e-LfH is currently developing and delivering over 150 e-learning programmes in partnership with the professional bodies such as Royal Colleges and associations, Department of Health policy teams and other arm's length bodies.

Building the Foundations’ includes three modules to enable users to assess their current level of skill in literature searching, find out more about the resources available to them and get started planning a search.

Developing the Skills includes three modules: 

NICE OpenAthens - My Resources

Help with Referencing

The following links will help you to reference just about any source, and understand how to avoid plagiarism.


DynaMed Plus access with OpenAthens

DynaMed Plus is now accessible for UHS & Solent NHS Trust staff with OpenAthens.

This is a “point of care” information tool – giving clinical staff immediate access to evidence based information about conditions and interventions via a website ( and a mobile app. Initially staff will need an OpenAthens account to log in – but we’ll also embed a link in Staffnet as well. To use the app, they’ll need to log into the website with their Athens account and then “sign up for remote access”.

DynaMed Plus uses semantic search to get you the most relevant search results every time. DynaMed Plus is designed from the ground up, focused on time to answer for the busy clinician.

With DynaMed Plus, you get:

  • Intelligent auto-suggest
  • Direct-to-section search results
  • Exact-match summary display
  • Quick access to relevant images and calculators


Register to KnowledgeShare to receive regular, personalised updates about new high-level evidence and policy documents so as to remain informed about the latest developments in their field.

To register with the knowledgeShare, UHS users need to submit the following form:

Trip Pro access with OpenAthens

Access to the premium version of the Trip database (Trip Pro) is for everyone in the NHS in England until end of March 2019.

Access to Trip Pro is via IP address.  When logging into Trip Pro on an NHS computer, you should see the message “Your PRO account provided by Health Education England” Username and password access is also possible for off-site access but you need to be connected to an NHS computer to set up this form of access.

Learning Support Librarian

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