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Supporting Staff: Academic Support

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Library Staff work together with academic and professional services staff in the following areas -

  • assessing and advising on embedded and scaffolded Library and Academic skills support needed for teaching
  • attending and contributing at relevant meetings, in order to promote and advise about library developments and to respond to feedback, including NSS feedback and other student feedback
  • working with academics on the development of collections to support teaching and research, including the ordering of new resources and the review and quality assurance of existing resources
  • inducting new and current staff on how to make the most of library services and resources
  • providing library inductions and subject-specific sessions time tabled into student programmes 
  • providing scaffolded online appointments and training covering academic skills, such as writing support, referencing and plagiarism and using library systems
  • providing specialist support and advice to students online covering academic skills, such as critical thinking, academic integrity, referencing and plagiarism and using library systems and resources