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Open Access & Institutional Repository: ePrints Soton

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Act on Acceptance, CC-BY 3.0, University of Oxford

Applying for Article Processing Charges (APCs) - RCUK & COAF

If you are funded by one of the RCUK councils or a COAF charity, you can apply to a block grant, which could pay your Open Access charges. Please fill in the above form and send it to


What is ePrints Soton?


ePrints Soton is the University's Institutional Research Repository. It contains journal articles, books, PhD theses, conference papers, data, reports, working papers, art exhibitions and more. Where possible, journal articles and conference proceedings are uploaded into ePrintsSoton and made open access.

The University has a policy that all research is recorded in ePrints Soton and since 2008 all PhD and MPhil theses have also been deposited.

ePrints Soton promotes research by making it available worldwide. It also feeds the publications section of the University staff web pages.

There is information on this guide about how to deposit your research into ePrints Soton. If you have any queries, there is a team of staff who can offer you help and training.

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